Make perfect pancakes that will have everyone coming back for seconds (or thirds)!

Make perfect pancakes that will have everyone coming back for seconds (or thirds)!

Published on October 9, 2016
When it comes to making pancakes, the first couple are often test runs - cooked unevenly, charcoaled and patchy with a bubbly texture. We’ve tested and perfected and come up with the three tips that will get you flipping perfectly golden brown pancakes right from the very first one!
  1. Ensure you are using a flat and heavy nonstick pan. The flatness of the pan will ensure even heat distribution and the nonstick will help to keep your pancake from sticking to the pan (which causes your pancakes to become patchy).

  2. Keep your pan at a medium heat. This is important as if too low, your pancake will become bubbly with holes throughout. If the pan is too hot, your pancake will cook fast on the outside but not cook through the middle. We like to test our pan with a drop of water onto the pan, if it skitters across the surface we’re in business, but if it steams away really fast your pan is too hot. If the water sits and bubbles just a little, your pan isn’t quite hot enough.

  3. Lightly grease your pan after every two or three pancakes with oil. Using butter will cause your pancake to burn. It’s important not to over-grease the pan as pancakes will soak up and become oily (and soggy). Half a teaspoon of oil swished around your pan will work perfectly and when you notice the pan looking on the dry side, it’s time to re-grease.
Stacking your pancakes will keep them hot until it’s time to serve and we like to pop a paper towel underneath the first one to prevent condensation. Finish your pancakes with a handful of berries and good drizzling of Vanilla Syrup and the whole family will be impressed!
For delicious and easy pancakes, we love Inspired Tastes Fluffy Pancake Recipe.
Happy baking!
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