Our 5 Favourite Tips for Hosting a Barbeque this Summer

Our 5 Favourite Tips for Hosting a Barbeque this Summer

Published on November 15, 2016

As the temperatures rise, there’s nothing better than dusting off the barbeque on a sunny afternoon and we’ve put together our top tips to ensure hosting a BBQ at your house is an absolute breeze!

  1. Use biodegradable plates and cutlery
    No one likes washing up after a crowd - especially when you can be out enjoying the company of your friends and family. We love Palm Leaf Plates range of stylish and eco-friendly disposable dinnerware. Just set up a bin somewhere easily reached and your guests can dispose when they’re finished with.

    Palm Leaf Plates

  2. Turn your BBQ into a potluck
    Take the stress out of feeding a crowd and save money by making your barbeque a potluck. This can be done in many ways, one of our simplest is getting everyone to bring a pack of meat (or a salad for the veggie lovers) leaving you to take care of the side dishes and dessert.
  3. Prepare what you can in advance
    Chop up any fruits and vegetables needed beforehand and store in a bowl of cold water in the fridge. The day before we like to pre-make desserts (Vanilla Berry Cheesecake is always a hit), marinate meat and prepare kebabs. Ideally, the only foods left to make on the day are the ones being cooked on the barbeque.

  4. Use mason jar drink dispensers from Kmart to serve ice water, punch or mocktails
    Our Ginger Lime Fizz Cocktail is so easy (and cost effective) to make in bulk - all you need is ginger beer, lime wedges, vanilla syrup, vodka and loads of ice. Top up throughout the day with ice to keep chilled. Click here for the full recipe.

  5. Seating sorted
    If you have limited seating around your outdoor table, set up rugs on your lawn with outdoor cushions to instantly create more seating options. This is always a favourite with kids and mothers with young babies.

Do you have a top tip for hosting a summer BBQ? Send us an email – we’d love to hear it and add it to our list!

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