Vanilla Bean Extract & Paste (Combo Pack)

Vanilla Bean Extract & Paste (Combo Pack)

  • Pure Vanilla Extract

    No sugar, chemicals, or imitation flavors are added to this complexly flavored extract. Hand-selected premium beans undergo our unique three-month cold-extraction process, which gently draws out and preserves the delicate aromatics and produces a 100% pure product. Perfect for use in all recipes that request vanilla it makes a wonderful addition to cakes, cookies or cupcakes. Use one teaspoon in any recipe that requests vanilla essence or extract.

    Vanilla Bean Paste

    Multi-award-winning Heilala Vanilla Paste is a convenient and economical way to get the flavor and appearance of vanilla seeds without all the scraping. Pure organic seeds are suspended in vanilla extract, resulting in a spoonable paste that’s perfect in light-colored desserts such as ice cream, shortbread and crème brûlée. This premium glass jar holds the equivalent of 12 flavorful bourbon variety vanilla beans. One teaspoon of Heilala Vanilla paste is equivalent to one vanilla pod or bean and can replace vanilla extract in a recipe at a 1:1 ratio.

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