Sweet Surprise Vanilla Bundle

Restock your pantry with the good vanilla this year and enjoy a surprise flavored vanilla extract. Bake all the classics with pure vanilla paste, create something gourmet with vanilla beans and sweeten your treats with vanilla sugar. Save $40 on this exciting vanilla bundle today!

Sweet Surprise Vanilla Bundle includes:

  • Pure Vanilla Paste 2.29 oz
  • 2 Heilala Vanilla Beans
  • Vanilla Sugar 330g
  • Surprise Flavored Vanilla Extract 1.69 fl oz 

Vanilla Sugar
Raw sugar, vanilla extract, ground vanilla beans.

Vanilla Paste
Vanilla Bean Extract, Vanilla Bean Seeds, Sugar (5%), Thickener (Carrageenan 0.5-1%).

Vanilla Beans
Pure Heilala Madagascar Variety Vanilla Beans