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7 Easy Super Bowl Dessert Ideas

Gathering to watch the Super Bowl calls for delicious treats. So why stop at the savory options? We think dessert is the best time to wow your guests with something truly scrumptious. So here is our list of ideas for easy and quick Super Bowl desserts.


  1. Cookie bars

Save the scooping and baking and press your cookie dough into a cast iron skillet or baking pan and bake for 20 minutes or until lightly golden. Slice into squares and serve.

  1. Fancy Popcorn

Our recipe for fancy popcorn is perfect for a large crowd in front of the TV. We love the idea of reserving a handful of uncoated popcorn to add at the end for a different texture.

  1. Frosting Board

A frosting board is a fun way to enjoy cake with a frosting to cake ratio that’s personal to you! Adding our flavored vanilla extracts into the mix makes it easy to customise and add something unique to your favorite frosting recipe.

  1. S’mores dip

This dessert comes together in minutes and will have your guests feeling nostalgic as they enjoy the campfire flavors. Make your own vanilla marshmallows for something more gourmet.

  1. Blondies

Often thought of as the white chocolate version of brownies, Blondies are so much more than that! Especially when butterscotch flavored vanilla extract is in the equation.

  1. Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

Made with 4 simple ingredients, the peanut butter flavor in this recipe really shines. You’ll be whipping these up more than just for a party as they make the perfect snack.

  1. Hot chocolate cookies

Add a vanilla marshmallow to the top of a classic crinkle brownie cookie to have all the flavors of a warming hot chocolate.