Heilala is the good vanilla

Grown on rich, Pacific soil and dried under the Polynesian sun, in the Kingdom of Tonga. Heilala’s all-natural vanilla is a result of a perfect climate and hard-working farmers and families who carefully cultivate and hand-select premium vanilla beans, to undergo a curing and drying process where 200+ flavour compounds develop.

Loved by Chefs worldwide

Heilala Vanilla appeals to pastry chefs across America. The transparency — plus the product’s consistent quality — has made Heilala a favorite among chefs who want to know where their ingredients come from and care about sustainable and equitable production.

Giving back to Community

At Heilala community is everything. We don't simply support the people of the small Pacific Island, Tonga. The people of Tonga are the lifeblood of our business. They are our partners, colleagues, workmates, family and friends. As a result, Heilala has a significant impact on the health and lives of children and families.

Sustainable Vanilla

We oversee the entire process unlike many industry commodity vanilla products completing all of the growing, manufacturing, and shipping in-house from our base in New Zealand. And while vanilla prices dip and surge based on market and climatic factors, we prioritise paying farmers a fair and consistent price. Heilala is proudly the world’s first vanilla company to be awarded B Corp certification.