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The Baking Product Your Kitchen Doesn’t Know It’s Missing

WHAT:Heilala Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

WHY:Most of us have some form of vanilla extract in our cupboards. We throw it in where the recipe calls for it, and move on with our lives. 

We might know that a fresh vanilla bean is ideal, but let’s get real. First, they cost approx. $98 thousand dollars and second, no. 

But........what if we told you we have found the equivalent of a fresh vanilla bean in PASTE FORM?

Because we did. 

And, like freshly squeezed orange juice compared to regular orange juice, the difference in flavor between this paste and bottled vanilla extract is s t a g g e r i n g

Your cakes are better. Your cupcakes are better. Your petit vanilla scones are better. Your frosting is better. Your pancakes are better. Everything is just better. Fresher tasting. Brighter. Not necessarily more vanilla-y, but more elevated. More pro. And just more delicious. 

One teaspoon is the equivalent of one, whole vanilla bean, but so much cheaper. And so much easier. 

If you’re a baker, this will change your baking game. If you don’t bake, you might just want to start.