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Gina DePalma - New York

Gina DePalma New York Chef

We were saddened by the passing of Gina late in 2015 and were incredibly privileged that Gina recognised the quality of Heilala Vanilla in her acclaimed roles as a Pastry Chef. Gina passed on this comment while she was using Heilala at Babbo in Greenwich Village - one of Manhattan’s most beloved and admired restaurants ...

"It isn't often that I get to use a product that I feel really good about. Heilala vanilla is grown and harvested with great care, and that definitely shows in the quality of what they produce; their vanilla beans, paste, extract and powder have a sweet, spicy, floral intensity that is truly unique.  Their story resonates as deeply as the aroma of their beans - a family business, started literally from the ground up, employing the skills and changing the lives of the local population in Tonga.  How many pastry chefs get to say that about that about their vanilla beans?  I'm proud to use Heilala Vanilla and I am proud to support their efforts to bring Tonga's vanilla crop to the world."

Gina DePalma, Excecutive Pastry Chef, Babbo Restaurant and Enoteca, New York City