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Easter is almost here!

Hot Cross Buns

Easter is almost here! There's nothing nicer on Easter weekend than homemade hot cross buns, straight out of the oven and coated with lashings of butter.

It’s the perfect time to show off your baking skills and what better way to enhance your recipes that with Heilala Spiced Vanilla Extract. Our cold pressed pure vanilla bean extract is infused with the sumptuous flavors of cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice. Heilala Spiced Vanilla Extract has a warm and fragrant hue for inclusion in everything from traditional hot cross buns, adorable bunny cakes, cute chick cookies to classics like carrot cake.

DIY Spiced Vanilla Butter

Soften a stick of butter (113 grams) and stir through two teaspoons of Spiced Vanilla Extract. Return to the fridge until it’s the perfect spreading consistency. This delicious Spiced Vanilla Extract is a welcome addition to pancakes, waffles and in warm oatmeal!