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Vanilla Paste - 25.36 fl oz (Double Fold)

Vanilla Paste

Sweetly scented with distinctive fruity characteristics, Heilala Vanilla Pure Vanilla Paste is full of distinctive dark vanilla seeds.

Made with vine ripened Heilala Vanilla Tongan Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, each vanilla bean is grown with integrity and hand-selected by local Tongan farmers.

This vanilla bean paste is made by carefully blending three-month cold extracted pure vanilla bean extract with vanilla bean seeds. Heilala vanilla bean paste provides exceptional concentrated vanilla aroma and flavor. 

1/2 a teaspoon of double fold vanilla paste equals the flavor and seeds of 1 whole vanilla bean. Each 25.36 fl oz jar of double fold vanilla paste also contains the equivalent of 300 vanilla beans.


Pure Vanilla Paste Double Fold
Vanilla Bean Extract, Vanilla Bean Seeds, Sugar (5%), Carrageenan (1%). Contains 20% alcohol.

How To Use

Perfect for adding depth of flavour and vanilla bean visual to cakes, cookies, desserts, and even savory dishes like marinades or glazes providing a robust and aromatic result.

How To Store

Keep the goodness fresh by storing in a cool, dry place. Our vanilla is a treasure; treat it like one