Alcohol Free Vanilla Paste - 2.29 fl oz

Alcohol Free Pure Vanilla Paste

Heilala Alcohol-Free Vanilla Paste is crafted through a highly scientific yet natural process, utilizing cold-pressed, slow extraction methods. Our dedicated Tongan growers and pickers carefully select premium vanilla beans, which undergo our unique three-month cold extraction process using plant-derived glycerin. This patented method ensures the pure extraction of over 200 flavor compounds present in vanilla.

By employing this superior process, we are able to draw out and preserve the most delicate aromatics, resulting in a concentrated vanilla flavor that Heilala Vanilla is renowned for, all without the use of alcohol. Our Alcohol-Free Vanilla Paste offers a flavorful alternative to traditional vanilla extract and paste.

With Heilala Alcohol-Free Vanilla Paste, you can confidently use it as a substitute for traditional vanilla extract and paste, knowing that you are getting the same exceptional flavor and quality that our brand is known for, without any alcohol content.


Vanilla Extract (Vanilla Bean Extractives in Glycerine and Water), Vanilla Seeds, Sugar, Thickener (Xanthan Gum)